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Fairtrade Borough Renewal!

Stockport has successfully renewed its Fairtrade Borough status, through the work of the Stockport Fairtrade Group in collaboration with Stockport Council.  Originally awarded in June 2003 by the Fairtrade Foundation, the certificate has been renewed until September 2019.

Volunteer Vacancies

We have two interesting vacancies available: 1. Stockport Fairtrade Group is looking for someone who can help them to make effective use of Social Media   2.  Someone who would like to do some research on the criteria required for the Fairtrade Foundation’s certification and how this works for producers – as compared with the […]

Pop-up stalls

We will be having a pop-up stall at Stockport station on Saturday 4th  and 11th March.  Come along and get some free samples and find out more about Fairtrade!