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Welcome to the schools section

Whether you’re already a Fairtrade school, working towards it, or completely new to Fairtrade all together… we have the answers to help you on your journey.

To receive Fairtrade School Status, there are five simple goals:

    • 1. Set up a Fairtrade steering group (or committee). At least half must be students and you must meet together at least once a term. Remember to take minutes and type them up. Fairtrade could also be incorporated into different groups that are already established, for example an eco committee.


    • 2. Write and adopt a whole-school Fairtrade policy, which must be supported and signed by the Headteacher and the Chair of Governors. The policy should outline these five goals.


    • 3. You must also commit to selling, promoting and using Fairtrade products as much as possible. If you have any problems, you need to at least show that you have tried and will continue trying; this might be through writing letters to the Canteen Manager, for example.


    • 4. Fairtrade must be learnt in at least three subjects in each of two year groups. You can fit Fairtrade into a wide range of curriculum areas.


  • 5. Promote and take action for Fairtrade at least once a term in the school, perhaps through a Fairtrade tuck shop or other activities, and once a year in the wider community, such as through a family assembly or community cafe.

It can seem very daunting beginning the process, as there is so much to do. On average, becoming a Fairtrade School takes one academic year, but can take less or more depending on the time the school can commit to arranging activities.
Whatever you do for Fairtrade, ensure you have an electronic copy or picture. This way it becomes much easier in applying for the status, as you have evidence to show your school is worthy to receive the accolade